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Advanced Enterprise Geocoder

CASS Certification

The Coding Accuracy Support System, or CASS™, is a system designed to improve the accuracy of the address and ZIP Code™ for the United States Postal Service (USPS).

CASS Certification provides…

  • Address Standardization - Parse and standardize your address data by comparing it to the very latest USPS data, adding ZIP+4 information.

  • Address Validation - Checks each address is a deliverable location, conforming to the latest USPS addressing standards.

  • Address Correction - Attempts to correct misspellings and add required information that may be missing.

  • Address Update - CASS Certified checking will compare the standardized addresses in your list with a list of addresses that have changed


Matching Reference Database

Reference Database includes…

  • Parcel locations (highly accurate).

  • Street Centerlines.

  • ZIP Codes and Zip+4.

  • City/State.

  • Points of Interest


Matching Reference Database provides…

  • Multiple sources to match a given address.

  • Updated Quarterly.

  • Compressed.

  • Esri Locators built and can be called directly from Esri clients.

Custom Geocoder


Customized geocoding workflow to match at the highest precision level available for an address.

Custom geocoder provides...

  • Evolved workflow process.

  • High performance.

  • Hierarchal matching scheme – matches records to the highest precision level.  Attempts to locate addresses without GIS.

  • Tags output records with matching level.

  • Can tag records with administrative boundaries (legislative, census, school district, etc.)

  • Reverse geocoding.

Web Service

Industry standard technology callable from virtually any client application.

The Geocode web service provides…

  • Virtually platform-independent accessibility (can be called through firewalls).

  • Access to a ready-to-use and update-to-date geocoding functions.

  • Available to everyone nearly all the time.

  • Facilitates batch and interactive geocoding functions.

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