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State & Local Government


Our goal in developing solutions for State and local governments is to provide scable solutions that grow with evolving and changing technology. Technology by its nature is not static.   The application and implementation of technology require regular update and review.  More than ever, information technology plays a critical role in the ongoing development and execution of government services.  Technology helps government organizations improve services and become more efficient and effective in their day-to-day operations.


Support to government agencies has been provided in the form of both database development and applications development in the web, desktop, server and mobile environments.  We have employed the latest ESRI technology in integrating geospatial solutions and custom applications for various clients.   Our services to state and local governments include:

  • ArcGIS Online Implementation

  • Internet/Intranet application development

  • Geodatabase development and integration

  • Multi-user editing using ArcSDE technology

  • ArcGIS Enterprise applications

  • ArcObjects custom programming

  • Database automation

  • Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning

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