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GIS Solutions has established a solid reputation in the transportation industry by providing innovative consulting services and customized solutions that meet the specific business objectives of our clients. Many of our transportation projects have included:

  • Creation of production data sets

  • Conflation of attributes to roadway geometry

  • Linknode maintenance

  • Data geometry transformation

  • Data verification

  • Dynamic segmentation

  • Data compression

  • CRS mapping

  • Mobile Crash Reporting Application

  • Crash Information System Locator (Web Service)

  • Mapping & Graphics workmaps

  • Annual and multi-year program planning

  • Web based mapping for displaying transportation data

  • Data change detection

Our knowledge and expertise in the transportation industry along with the current incarnation of GIS, server, database, and web technology allow our clients to create more comprehensive and cohesive environments in which to use spatial technologies.

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