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GIS Solutions has been working in the area of Water Management and Utilities GIS for several years. Our GIS professionals possess a core expertise in GIS database services, application development, mobile GIS/GPS, GPS inventories, and GIS program development. Services include:

  • GIS Data Conversion Services (Hardcopy, CAD, GPS)

  • GIS Database (Geodatabase) Design Services

  • GIS Database Management (Data Gathering, Organization, & Enhancement)

  • GIS Database Preparation & Deployment (Desktop, Mobile, Web)

  • GIS Database Integration

  • GIS Application Development (Desktop, Web, Mobile)

  • Internet GIS (Design, Hosting, Deployment)

  • GIS/Mobile GPS Deployment, Workflow Management & Training

  • GPS Field Data Collection & Inventories

  • GIS Planning & Program Development

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