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In 1985, HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) began with the simple goal to digitize mapping and pioneer in-car navigation systems. Over the next three decades, as NAVTEQ and Nokia, we’ve built a legacy in mapping technology.


Today, HERE is creating living three-dimensional maps that grow upwards, breathing with layers of information and insights.

GIS Solutions licenses HERE data products to provide:

For more information on HERE's data products or any of the Enhanced Data Layers, contact us at

To receive a quote for the HERE products, please contact us.


Ask about our partner, Oxcart Permit Systems.  Oxcart Permits is a revolutionary new online permit application system, allowing easy management of the entire permit process for both local municipalities and trucking agencies.


GIS Solutions is an Esri Silver Business Partner and, under the previous partner model, was an authorized Esri Software Developer, Distributor, and Consultant.

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